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  1. The Killing of History, by John Pilger - The Unz Review
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Volume 1: Terrestrial Sovereignty provides the most comprehensive documentation yet available on the post-Confederation history of Canadian sovereignty in the north. Set in 1951 California, Revenge Revancha is about wealth, a Mexican-style adobe mansion overseen by a middle-aged Mexican matron, a series of murders surrounding famous artworks, and a ward who is fingered as prime suspect. Whatever prophylactic poland independent homo escorts senior sex use it might have, gene substitution was just another term for mind reading. The Spark Greg Orme FT Press c/o Pearson Technology Group 801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN m,.99, 248pp, m Synopsis: Featuring interviews with Gail Rebuck (CEO of Penguin Random House Sir John Hegarty (Founder of BBH) and Stuart. How can a serial killer's motivations become linked to hijacking and politics?